2023 AMES Film and Animation Design Super Showcase

For the fourth annual Advanced Media Entertainment Society (AMES) Film and Animation Competition and Showcase students were required to make a film or animation that used elements studied this year, from concept to design, and implementation. They competed at their local school level and three teams won the right to represent their school and compete at this state-level event in Everett, WA at Sno-Isle Technical Skill Center on May 20, 2023.

All classes were given the same prompt and eight weeks to complete a film or animation based on the prompt:

“Habits and Rituals”

Super Showcase Program


Outstanding Achievement Awards in Film

  • Writing & Story: “The Heart Decides”
  • Cinematography: “Abstract Art”
  • Acting: “Dinner”
  • Sound: “Dinner”
  • Unique Perspective: “Abstract Art”
  • Editing: “Abstract Art”
  • Direction: “Abstract Art”

Outstanding Achievement Awards in Animation

  • Writing & Story: Studio Clockwork – “Good Kitty”
  • Cinematography: Studio Clockwork – “Good Kitty”
  • Acting: Ceed Studios – “The Perfect Blend”
  • Sound: Garbage Goblin Studios – “Two-Toned”
  • Unique Perspective: Team Cube – “Jip the Friendly Demon”
  • Direction: Ceed Studios – “The Perfect Blend”

High School Film Winners

1st Place
“Abstract Art”
2nd Place
3rd Place
“How the Heart Decides”

Skill Center Film Winner

1st Place
Goofy Goober – “Morning Mischief”

Skill Center Animation Winners

1st Place
Ceed Studios – “The Perfect Blend”
2nd Place
Garbage Goblin Studios – ” Two Toned”
3rd Place: TIE
Snarl Studios – “Turn Around”
Studio Clockwork – “Good Kitty”

Super Showcase Judges

YouTube Playlist of The Event

Comprehensive High School Competitors

Capital High School

Olympia, WA

Scott Le Duc

Abstract Art


Cinematographer: Gianna Zabolio
Director: Lex Lehr
Editor: Jimmie Nguyen
Screenwriter: Sydney Waters
Sound: Kevin Nguyen



Cinematographer: Sophina Matthews
Director: Tory Murray
Screenwriter: Opal Ashenhurst
Sound: Zac Reese

How the Heart Decides


Cinematographer: Josh Vickers
Director: Ben Anderson
Editor: Bryce Burney
Screenwriter: Jonas Vu-Sabido
Sound: Casey Martin

Skill Center Competitors

Northwest Career & Technical Academy

Mount Vernon, WA

Linton Porteous

Jip the Friendly Demon

Team Cube
Animators: Iliana Ellison and Jonah Gillig
Sound: Paul Franco

The Last Leaf

Nerfed Productions
Animators: Gabriella Ocampo and Mia Richardson

Turn Around

Snarl Studios
Animator: Liv Cruz
Screenwriter: Ceola Sardam
Editor: Charlie French

Puget Sound Skills Center

SeaTac, WA

Gina Hansen

The Boring Life

Animators: Adam Murad and Clara O’Kane

Morning Mischief

Goofy Goober
Animators: Angel S and Christian Juco
Cinematographer: Isaiah Vega
Director: Alan Oh
Sound: Ashley R.

Pandora’s Book

The Winged Cats
Animator: Maura Carrillo
Director: Harp Kaur
Sound: Lilliana Vargas

Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center

Everett, WA

Lee Anne Lumsden

Good Kitty

Studio Clockwork
Animators: Ava Goldberg and Tyler Arnsbarger

The Perfect Blend

Ceed Studios
Animators: Angela Cruz and Olivia Campanario
Editor: Bailey Currie


Garbage Goblin Studios
Animators: Isabella Hassa and Parker Westover
Music: Ehron Collins

West Sound Tech

Bremerton, WA

Tony Sharpe


Dragon Ducks
Animators: Crystal Nelson and Gabriel Norton
Cinematographer: Cameron Manglona
Editor: Ethan Kemp

Thank You!

We would like to thank our Advisory Committees for going above and beyond in their help with curriculum steering, helping students with their projects, and constant support for our programs.

We would also like to thank our industry representatives
for attending this event and being part of our panel.
We really appreciate everything you do!

A special thank you to itch.io for hosting our Showcase.

To all of our guests, thank you
for sharing this day with us in support of our students.

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