2016 State Game Design Super Showcase Contest

Video Game Design students were required to make a full game for 4th quarter Showcase that used elements studied this year, starting from concept, progressing through design and implementation. They competed at their local school level and won the right to compete at this regional event.

All classes were given the same prompt and eight weeks to complete a game based on Retro Mash-Up where they had to combine game-play elements from at least two “retro” games into a modern interpretation.

During this process, members of our Advisory Committee helped with refining ideas, setting up plans, giving feedback and a host of other support.

The contest took place at Highline High School in Burien, WA on Sunday, May 22.  The videos embedded below are team presentations of game play followed by comments from the judges on the panel.  The videos are embedded in presentation order at the competition.

Skill Center Winners

  • 1st Place – Greed
  • 2nd Place – Escape the Castle
  • 3rd Place – Ricky the Robot

High School Winners

  • 1st Place – Fishy Delishy
  • 2nd Place – Destination Crisis
  • 3rd Place – Animaliens

Capital High School

Capital High School

Capital High School

Puget Sound Skills Center

Puget Sound Skills Center

Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center

Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center

Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center

Scoring and Winners

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