2021 State Film and Animation Design Super Showcase Contest

Every year, student teams across the state are given a prompt by the Advanced Media Entertainment Society (AMES) and must develop their film or animation within the same two month time frame.

  • This year prompt was: “Perseverance”

Teams competed at the local level for the right to advance to this Super Showcase event.

Super Showcase Program

Outstanding Achievement Awards


High School Film Winners

  • 1st Place – Capital High School –
  • 2nd Place – Capital High School –
  • 3rd Place – Capital High School-

Skill Center Animation Winners

  • 1st Place – Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center –
  • 2nd Place – Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center –
  • 3rd Place – Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center –

See The Film and Animations!

Super Showcase Judges

Matthew Ward

Currently working to help realize the ideas and help feed the creative process of major motion picture directors, game director, and studio teams. Strongly familiar and fluent with the tools and processes of story, concept art, storyboards, pre-visualization and layout, animation, practical video/film shoots, editing, pitch presentations, and overall world-building.

Brian Favorite

Brian is an independent filmmaker, educator, and life-long learner.
Production work includes network television positions as camera operator, floor director, assistant director, and director in Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco markets. This led to establishing Favorite Film, an independent production company focusing on documentary film production.

Gracen Bayer

Gracen is currently a student at Central Washington University studying Film Production. She has been making films for four years now and has been featured in multiple film festivals this past year such as the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival, the WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, and the Burien Film Festival’s Northwest Teen Talent Division. Gracen hopes to pursue a career in the film industry one day and to be making films for the rest of her life.

Jordie Simpson

Jordie is currently majoring in Film Studies at Seattle University. In the Fall, she will be an officer for the University’s Filmmakers’ Club. Before college, she was involved in film classes at Capital High School, placed and featured in numerous film festivals and competitions, and participated in SkillsUSA club as Vice President. Jordie hopes to continue to create and pursue a career in the film industry.

Jae Hartsuyker

Jae is an indie game artist, character designer and art lead. She works on keeping art teams synchronized and coaching new team members through the art pipeline. Jae has worked on projects ranging from freelance commissions to medical illustrations to fantasy art.

Super Showcase Comprehensive Competitors

Capital High School

Olympia, Washington

Scott Le Duc

“2nd Period Film”
Short Film
Katherine Chancellor
Sam Prigg
Ethan Maas
Hunter Deloney

“The Critic”
Short Film
Dylan Werts
Dexter Knutson
Keller Satchel Sogn
Neil Anderson
Justin Sandwith

“Perseverance Short Film”
Short Film
Josie Phillips
Cooper Carlson
Jack Grippo
Jakob Pilon

“Perseverance Film”
Short Film
Brad Berbells
Chet Hanchey

“The Missing Piece”
Short Film
Avery Miller
Meredith Morgan
Naim Peters
Ellie Tetrault
Stuart Whitney

“Soccer Perseverance”
Short Film
Francis Sharp
Jadee Do
Laari Ruby
Lindsay McGaughy

Super Showcase Skill Center Competitors

Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center

Everett, Washington

Lee Anne Lumsden
Animation Instructor

The Capybaras
“The Final Animations”
Animated Short

Kristen Coe
Tayla Hymas
Isaac Rodriguez

Manx Space
“Little Hope”
Animated Short

Holly Schoales
Nevada Miller
Sophia Barbin

“Keep Pushing”
Animated Short

Jenice Jasper
Nathan Rupp

Cyan Dog Studios
“A Miner’s Home”
Animated Short

Cody Bell
Andrew Robinson

Seaweed Lads
Animated Short

Lydia Solomon
Camilla Wind
Gabi Rieck

Thank You!

We would like to thank our Advisory Committees for going above and beyond in their help with curriculum steering, helping students with their projects, and constant support for our programs.

We would also like to thank our industry representatives
for attending this event and being part of our panel.
We really appreciate everything you do!

A special thank you to itch.io for hosting our Showcase.

To all of our guests, thank you
for sharing this day with us in support of our students.

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